Jetton launcher

Launch your own token with a flexible tool


Jetton launcher is a tool for fast launching your own tokens as TON jettons. With this tool, any member of Whales Club can launch their own token in a few clicks. Jettons are official digital assets built on the TON blockchain.

There are many projects in the blockchain ecosystem that use custom tokens, and now development teams have to spend time and resources to launch their own coins, so Jetton launcher will definitely accelerate the development of cryptocurrency projects.

The number of scenarios for using your own crypto coin is endless, from playing Monopoly with friends to creating an employee stock options program for your team and implementing tokens in business applications, like a loyalty program for a restaurant or an in-game currency in the play2earn project.

Jetton launcher is developed and supported by Ton Whales team, so the tokens you create instantly will appear in Tonhub and other popular TON wallets.


Jetton launcher access conditions

Please note that this tool is available for Whales Club members only. To join the club, one must have one of the 10,000 NFT whales that are mined from time to time on the Ton Whales website.


Sandbox test environment

If you want to test this feature, you can use our Sandbox network with Sandbox Jetton Launcher or Extension Jetton Launcher.

Getting started

Creating your own coin will take only a couple of minutes and will no longer require any developer involvement.

  1. Fill the form

Open Jetton Launcher via extensions or Tonhales site and fill the form for your token. here you can preview how will look result and tune all Jetton properties available according to Jetton standard.


Jetton Launcher form

  1. Deploy your jetton.

Click Create button. Then, confirm the transaction request from TonHub. Wait a few seconds, while deployment is finished.


Jetton Launcher deploy

  1. Ready for use.

Your token right after deploying will be available for use with all wallets which support Jettons TON standard. For example, in Tonhub it will appear in the Accounts section.


Jetton transaction