Transfer link

Transfer link allows to create and send TON transactions from Tonhub with an HTTP request.
This page describes how transfer links are structured.

As always, you can use the Sandbox environment for testing and development.
To create link for sandbox, use endpoint instead of

The link follows this format{ADDRESS}?amount=5000000000

Query parameters you can specify:

amountRequiredThe amount of the transaction in nano TONs
textOptionalComment on the transaction, if the bin is specified, it is the purpose of the transaction
binOptionalBinary payload of the transaction, serialized as base64 BOC
initOptionalState init, serialized as base64 BOC


Send TON to address

This link is used for sending 0.5 TON to kQDvRFMYLdxmvY3Tk-cfWMLqDnXF_EclO2Fp4wwj33WhlGrZ

Send TON to address with the comment

This link is used for Deposit in Ton Whales Staking Pools. You can see how it was used here, in Deposit via Tonhub button.

Deploying contract

This link is used for deploying the contract (init) and contains the first message (bin). Also, there is a text, so the purpose of the transaction is "Deploy contract"${address}?text=Deploy%20contract&amount=500000000&init=${stateInit}&bin=${payload}