What is Tonhub Extension

Tonhub extension

Tonhub extension is a feature that allows you to use the entire TON ecosystem directly from the Tonhub app. Installed via link or QR, the extension will instantly appear on the home page of your Tonhub app and clicking it will automatically logging in you into the 3rd party app via the Tonhub wallet address.

Using extensions is absolutely safe, they simplify authorization and access to third-party projects, but external applications do not get access to your funds, and each transaction, as usual, will require additional confirmation inside the wallet.

Installation flow

  1. Scan the extension's QR code or clicks on the link from the app.
  2. Approve extension installation in Tonhub.
  3. Follow the steps of signing agreements, donations, and so on if it is necessary.
  4. Use your app from Tonhub's extensions list.

Install user flow

Use cases

The installed application's extension will be available on Tonhub app's main screen at any time.
Developers of external TON app definite what extension can do in the end, but basically, you will meet the following:

  • Sign and revoke media files such as text, pictures, e.t.c.

Sing and revoke media

  • Usage for custom transactions.

Transaction via extensions

  • Browser of information related to your wallet about the linked app from the Tonhub.
  • Usage extension as a secure tool for subscriptions and agreements for 3d party apps.

Implement your product into Tonhub as an Extension

If you are a developer or founder of another TON app and want to use Tonhub Extension for your product, learn how to do it from Getting started article.